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Apparently $5 Million Isn’t Enough To Get Justin Bieber To Support The GOP

You can’t buy the Biebs

No amount of money can convince Justin Bieber to back the Republican party.

According to a new TMZ report, the Canadian singer was offered a whopping $5 million to play a Republican National Convention–affiliated concert in Cleveland. Justin and his manager were reportedly told that the 45-minute concert wouldn’t be political, but that he wouldn’t be able to badmouth Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump onstage — or show any support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

That huge performance fee was apparently funded by GOP donors, who wouldn’t have been too fond of Bieber pulling a Third Eye Blind at the show.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun is a vocal fan of Hillary Clinton, and he likely had more than a little impact on Bieber’s decision to turn the offer down. Apparently, LeBron James also talked with Bieber and urged him not to take the GOP’s money.

Justin isn’t known for being especially vocal politically, and it sounds like he’s not about to start in support of this year’s Republican ticket.