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Shawn Mendes’s ‘Three Empty Words’ Is The Nicest Breakup Song You’ll Ever Hear

The 17-year-old songwriter makes breaking up sound just like falling in love

Shawn Mendes has revealed another new track from his forthcoming album, Illuminate, called “Three Empty Words."

Though at first blush the new tune sounds like a typical love song, it’s actually all about that deadening feeling of falling out of love. Over an acoustic guitar riff, Mendes sings about the feeling of “going through the motions” at the end of a relationship, when you just don’t feel the sparks anymore but you stick around out of habit.

With different lyrics, “Three Empty Words” could be a sister song to Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” — it’s got a similar sound and structure. But Mendes uses that template to paint a very different scene, looping around to when that love buzz wears off. Instead of angry, he just sounds defeated, like he’s ready to shed the dead shell of his old relationship and find life somewhere else.

“We don’t even care enough to fight,” he sings. “I won’t keep on saying those three empty words."

Illuminate comes out September 23, and Mendes will preview it with a live event at Madison Square Garden on September 10.