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Kylie Jenner’s Eye Shadow Palette Sold Out Faster Than Her Lipsticks

Don't kry, Kyshadow will be back soon

Kylie Jenner’s makeup empire is expanding at a very rapid rate. On Monday, the kosmetics kween announced she’d be introducing an eye shadow palette into her line. On Tuesday, the aptly named Kyshadows sold out in one minute.

Kylie and her glam squad celebrated the news — she shared it on Snapchat, obviously — by cheering, as is only natural when your eye shadows sell out faster than your very popular lip kits ever did. You know the feeling.

In a follow-up snap with way less screeching, Kylie shared that more palettes will be available Friday, so the wait to introduce Kyshadow into your life and onto your lids won’t be too long. That is, of course, if you manage to act quickly enough. Allow these tips from a bona fide Kylie Cosmetics expert to guide you.