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Drake Hints That His New Mixtape Is On The Way

During a stop on his Summer Sixteen tour

Just days after the April release of Views, Drake was already riling fans up about the idea of more new music in the pipeline. “Just because Views came out, it doesn’t mean there’s not new music on the way,” he told a crowd in Toronto. “So I'll see you soon.”

We hadn’t heard much on the topic since, but he let a little more info about those plans trickle out during a stop in Kansas City on his Summer Sixteen tour over the weekend.

“When I go and work on this new mixtape and I come back to Kansas City and I drop that shit, I wanna see everybody in this motherfucker, boy!” he said.

He actually first hinted that more music was on the way before he even dropped Views, in an interview with Beats 1 in the hours leading up to the album’s release. “I got some other songs in the stash,” he said. “I’m gonna have an arsenal of songs that have nothing to do with Views.”

We’ve already seen some — like “4PM in Calabasas” — and it looks like more will definitely be on the way. The only question now is, how soon?