17 Breakup Anthems That Helped You Get Over Your Crush In 2001

You're a ~survivor~

When heartbreak struck 15 years ago, Destiny's Child, Michelle Branch, and Usher had your back. Their tunes took you through every stage of a nasty breakup: the tears, the anger, the pain, and — finally — the peace to move on. Here are the hit songs that weathered the heartbreak with you:

  1. Destiny's Child, "Independent Women, Pt. 1"

    Most memorable lyrics: "I depend on me"

  2. Britney Spears, "Cinderella"

    Most memorable lyrics: "I don't believe in fairy tales"

  3. NSYNC, "Gone"

    Most memorable lyrics: "I'll just hang around and find some things to do / To take my mind off missing you"

  4. Michelle Branch, "Goodbye to You"

    Most memorable lyrics: "When the stars fall, I will lie awake / You're my shooting star"

  5. Pink, "Just Like a Pill"

    Most memorable lyrics: "Instead of making me better, you keep making me ill"

  6. O-Town, "All or Nothing"

    Most memorable lyrics: "When you reach the bottom, it's now or never"

  7. Alicia Keys, "Fallin'"

    Most memorable lyrics: "How do you give me so much pleasure and cause me so much pain?"

  8. No Doubt, "Detective"

    Most memorable lyrics: "Hey girl, save the liar / Can't you see his pants on fire?"

  9. 3LW, "No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)"

    Most memorable lyrics: "I'm getting a little tired of your broken promises, promises / Looking at your pager seeing different numbers and numbers"

  10. Shakira, "Objection (Tango)"

    Most memorable lyrics: "Every 20 seconds you repeat her name / But when it comes to me, you don't care"

  11. Usher, "U Remind Me"

    Most memorable lyrics: "You remind me of a girl that I once knew / See her face whenever I, I look at you"

  12. Sugarcult, "Pretty Girl (The Way)"

    Most memorable lyrics: "That's what you get for falling again / You can never get him out of your head"

  13. S Club 7, "Never Had a Dream Come True"

    Most memorable lyrics: "There's no use looking back or wondering / How it could be now or might have been"

  14. Nelly Furtado, "I'm Like a Bird"
    Warner Bros.

    Most memorable lyrics: "I'm like a bird / I'll only fly away"

  15. Enya, "Only Time"

    Most memorable lyrics: "Who can say why your heart cries when your love lies? / Only time"

  16. Eve 6, "Here's to the Night"

    Most memorable lyrics: "Here's to the nights we felt alive / Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry"

  17. Destiny's Child, "Survivor"

    Most memorable lyrics: "Thought that I would self-destruct, but I'm still here / Even in my years to come, I'm still gonna be here"