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Read Laverne Cox’s Powerful Message About Beauty Before You Filter That Snap

‘The surgeon is Snapchat’

Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox knows the power of a good Snapchat filter or lens. On Tuesday (July 19), she opened up about plastic surgery rumors fueled by a perfectly edited selfie.

"For everyone who thinks I had a nose job, the surgeon is Snapchat," Cox wrote on Instagram, explaining that the left photo has no filter, while the right uses the app's warm-toned filter.

"I try to love, embrace and accept myself everyday, filter or no filter, make up or no makeup, weave or no weave. Filters are fun but they are no substitute for me waking up, looking in the mirror and seeing the unfiltered me as beautiful and worthy of acceptance and love."

Now snap away to your heart's content, all you beautiful people!