‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 9: The Self-Care Episode

Also discussed: scaling a volcano in Iceland for a Deftones concert, and self-care

Hello, Speed Dialers! Ira Madison III and Doreen St. Félix return with another episode of "Speed Dial with Ira and Doreen," MTV’s bicoastal podcast about music, pop culture, sex, and race.

It’s been a really bad month. Your "Speed Dial" hosts had two choices: Either retread the continued horror that is police violence against black people in America, or do something different. They decided to do the latter, to make this week’s episode a respite.

The "Self-Care Episode" is in two parts. First, Doreen asks Ira about his luxurious week in Iceland last month, where he attended the Secret Solstice Festival and bathed in the same hot spring as Beyoncé. Then the two discuss why self-care is a difficult prospect for black people in particular, when everything in the world tells them their health doesn’t matter. Ira and Doreen offer tips for unplugging from the news and plugging into yourself.

Plus: Introducing "Feedback," Speed Dial’s advice hotline! Have a question you want Ira and Doreen to answer? Leave them a voicemail at 424-354-9335. And check out "Speed Dial with Ira and Doreen" here on SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes.