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9 Aliens Who Could’ve Convinced Zayn To Leave One Direction

Maybe ‘Take Me Home’ was a message to his true people galaxies away?

When Zayn Malik was recently asked by Glamour about the first time he realized he wanted to break away from One Direction, the "Pillowtalk" singer claimed it was after "an alien spoke to [him] in a dream." Whether he was just trying to be funny or mysterious is up to interpretation, but he didn't elaborate on this extraterrestrial dream of his any further.

What did the alien look like? More importantly, did it speak English? Since Zayn isn't spilling the beans, we've compiled a list of pop culture aliens who might've had a say in the matter — but not the obvious ones, like E.T., Alf, or even the creature from Alien, because they're all too famous to beam down and drop truth bombs into Zayn's mind. These other guys, however, have a little bit more time on their hands.

  1. The aliens from Zenon: The Zequel

    These extraterrestrials loved Proto Zoa's music (sorta), so they're surely fans of Zayn.

  2. The bubble people from Stepsister from Planet Weird

    These other DCOM aliens believed in fighting the good fight for freedom, something Zayn would support.

  3. Invader Zim and GIR

    Let's be real here: Zim is only using Zayn for his plan of world domination. Breaking up 1D brought the world to its knees. Mission accomplished, Zim.

  4. Stuvon, Didor, and Robot Lou from Rugrats

    Remember when Tommy's parents and grandpa randomly became alien life-forms and created technology to blow up entire planets? If they can do that, then they can definitely convince Zayn to leave 1D.

  5. The aliens from the Toy Story franchise
    Disney Pixar

    Somehow, Zayn mixed up repeated sayings of "THE CLAW" to mean "Leave One Direction now."

  6. Allen Strange from The Journey of Allen Strange

    Based on his track record, Allen probably didn't even realize speaking to humans in their dreams wasn't normal, but Zayn could've just gone with it.

  7. Beans and his parents from Even Stevens

    If these guys did speak to Zayn, there's no way he could've understood them. Their alien-bug language is (literally) out of this world.

  8. The Nerdlucks from Space Jam
    Warner Bros.

    JK, these dudes are morons. There's no way they'd figure out how to dream-speak to Zayn.

  9. The aliens from that one Goosebumps episode

    This family of freaky eyeball people definitely had sinister intentions, which explains why they wanted to break apart the most beloved boy band of the 21st century.