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Gigi Hadid Left Her House In Curlers And Still Managed To Look Glam

Anything for beautiful waves, I guess

Considering she's constantly surrounded by photographers, assistants, and Zayn Malik, I'm not sure why it's my responsibility to tell Gigi Hadid she left her home without finishing her hair, but here we are.

I'm your only real friend, Gigi. See ya around, Kendall.

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Earlier today, Gigi was photographed on the streets of New York City with many purple curlers still in her hair. I know it's Gigi because her jacket says her name across the front — oh, and her face. There's no hiding from this one, Hadid.

Even with the curlers, though, she looks way more put together than I ever do. Maybe the secret to looking glam on the streets of New York is to do your glam on the streets of New York? I'll investigate and report back.

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