Snoop Dogg And Jeremih Have Cash To Blow In Their Raunchy New Video

Watch the duo let loose in Vegas

If there’s a mission statement to Snoop Dogg and Jeremih’s “Point Seen Money Gone,” it’s this: Live the fast life while trying to keep your cash right. So in the track’s raunchy new video, the duo dutifully make Las Vegas their personal playground while letting it be known they’ll go wherever the party’s at ... as long as that’s “where the cash be.”

Over the course of four minutes and 19 seconds (really, Snoop, you couldn’t stretch it to 4:20?!), Snoop and Jeremih wear luxurious-looking threads while throwing wads of cash in a hazy strip club and laying women down on even bigger wads of cash. Velvet-voiced Jeremih handles hook duty, while Snoop delivers some, uh, interesting rhymes: “Robert De Niro, fly as a sparrow” and “all money in, no Draino,” for instance.

“Point Seen Money Gone” is from Snoop Dogg’s latest album, Coolaid, which dropped on July 1.