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Ring In The Fourth Of July Weekend With Weezer's ‘I Love The USA’

Weezer: making America great again

While you’re celebrating the Fourth of July by eating too many hot dogs and setting off too many fireworks, something way, way cooler will be happening in outer space. After a five year journey to Jupiter, an unmanned probe called Juno will finally enter the planet’s orbit, just in time for America’s birthday.

No one's more excited about this astronomical development than Rivers Cuomo and his Weezer comrades. The band was commissioned by NASA and Apple to write a song hyping up the historic Juno mission, and they came through with a hyper-positive patriotic anthem.

“I Love the USA” begins as a wistful piano ballad before building into anthemic praise with the First Amendment–flexing hook, “I love the USA / Fuck yeah, this place is great.” There’s also a climactic guitar solo thrown in for good measure and, for whatever reason, Cuomo repeating “God save the king” a lot.

Along with Weezer, Trent Reznor and his longtime collaborator Atticus Ross were also asked to whip up a Juno-inspired song. True to form, their contribution is a long, ambient, celestial track that sounds like it’d be right at home on their Gone Girl soundtrack. If Weezer’s “I Love the USA” is the party-starter, then Reznor and Ross’s “Juno” is the sweet, sweet comedown.

Both tracks are available for streaming and purchase exclusively through Apple Music, but you can listen to snippets of both below.