Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The Lawrence Brothers Joke That They ‘Single-Handedly Built’ The DCOM Empire

Seriously, where would Disney be without the Lawrence bros?

In case you've lived under a rock for a week, the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie premiered last Friday (June 24) and brought several past and present DCOM stars together. While on the red carpet, Oh My Disney chatted with a few of the guests, including Joey, Matthew, and Andy Lawrence -- the brothers who've starred in four DCOMs between them (Horse Sense, Jumping Ship, The Other Me, and Going to the Mat).

The bros played Would You Rather? and all three chose to live on a deserted island instead of a farm, which was more than fitting, since Jumping Ship was about the three of them getting stranded on a deserted island. "I don't like farming," Joey said, which, again, is kinda perfect since his character in Horse Sense wasn't a big fan of farm life. He didn't choose the farm life, the farm life chose him. (Sorry, I'm so sorry.)

The guys later joke about how they “single-handedly built” the DCOM empire, since most of their films were early DCOMs. In fact, Horse Sense was No. 12 — if you completely ignore Northern Lights, that is. Watch the full video above.