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Taking Back Sunday Return — Hear Their Thrashing New Song ‘Tidal Wave’

It'll hit you like a ... well ... you know 🌊

On Monday, Taking Back Sunday announced their upcoming album Tidal Wave and unveiled its cover art, which shows a curly-haired tyke standing in front of a magnificently clear blue ocean on a cloudy day. “Hmmm ...” you might’ve wondered upon seeing the surprisingly peaceful image, “Maybe our fave alt/emo heroes are heading in a warmer, sunnier-sounding direction.”

If you did think that, go ahead and forget it ASAP, because their new song proves TBS rock as loud and as hard as ever.

The band released Tidal Wave’s title track on Tuesday, which packs a lot of power into just two minutes and 32 seconds. There’s a sense of immediacy to every lyric, as well as an underbelly of political and social consciousness. Frontman Adam Lazarra asks the tough questions, demanding to know, “Will you embrace chaos or take control?” and “Will you call for peace or will you join the war?”

The accompanying video is made up of concert and backstage footage from the band’s current Taste of Chaos tour alongside Dashboard Confessional — and it looks like they have just as much fun playing it live as you’d expect.

Tidal Wave, the follow-up to 2014’s Happiness Is, arrives September 16.