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Kylie Jenner Wore A Sweater In The Middle Of A Heat Wave

Pro tip straight from Kylie

If you have the good fortune of following anyone who lives in L.A. on Twitter or Snapchat, you may've heard that it's hot in Southern California right now. It has been upward of 90 degrees for the past few days, which, for Kylie Jenner, is the perfect weather for sweaters and leather pants.

Yesterday, when it was 96 degrees in Calabasas, Kylie shared a photo of herself wearing a ribbed brown sweater, high-waisted leather pants, and, oh, just to make sure she was as warm as possible, she brought back her long hair.

For all those wondering how Kylie isn't drowning in her own sweat in the June heat, she, thankfully, revealed her secret in another photo.

The sweater has holes!