What Does Littlefinger Want From Sansa? And 8 More Game Of Thrones Questions

MTV News looks into the flames to answer your burning questions from Episode 9, 'Battle of the Bastards'

Game of Thrones delivered the epic showdown we've been waiting three seasons for with "Battle of the Bastards." The ninth episode of every season is historically game-changing: Ned Stark's death, Battle of Blackwater, the Red Wedding, Battle of Castle Black, and the Daznak's Pit. While "Battle of the Bastards" may not have carried the emotional weight of Season 2 stunner "The Rains of Castamere," it was a brutal spectacle from start to finish.

However, somewhere buried among all of the torn limbs, dead horses, and Jon Snow's pride, there's a pile of questions to answer. (As per usual.) There's no rest for the wicked, or the Wun Wun, so let's get to it:

  1. What do Jon and Sansa do now?

    The Starks may have taken back Winterfell, but with the North fractured beyond repair and their resources practically depleted, House Stark is in dire need of assistance. Not to mention that Jon and Sansa also have to worry about far-reaching threats from the Lannisters and the Freys. So, what do you do when your neighbors can’t stand you and you have enemies at every turn? Make strong alliances. Littlefinger pulled through for Sansa once, showing up on the battlefield with the Knights of the Vail at just the right time -- but will he do it again?

  2. What does Littlefinger want from Sansa?

    The obvious answer is marriage. House Stark may have fallen from grace, but its still a noble house. As Lady of Winterfell, Sansa Stark still holds power in the North. And if there’s one thing that Littlefinger loves, it’s proximity to power. If Littlefinger proposes marriage, not only would the union unite House Stark with House Arryn, but it would also guarantee Peter Baelish the title he’s been lusting after for seasons. Then again, this is Sansa Stark 2.0. She just fed her rapist to the dogs -- literally. So whatever deal she makes with Littlefinger will be on her terms.

  3. HBO

    To be fair, Rickon was never the smart one. However, he could have at least tried to throw Ramsay off his mark. I know he was practically a baby when he and Bran had to flee, but damn, did Rodrik Cassel teach him nothing?! Then again, Rickon would have been kind of useless to the Starks at this point in the game. If anything, Winterfell is better off in Sansa’s capable hands.

  4. Is Jon a great leader?

    Well… not really. Like his "aunt" Lyanna and "sister" Arya, he’s got the wolf’s blood in him, which means he has a wild streak. Jon went off book in the fight against Ramsay. He didn’t follow the plan, and he didn’t listen to Sansa. Instead, he acted viscerally. He tried to save Rickon, and he failed -- so he charged. He did exactly what Sansa warned him against, and in doing so, he jeopardized everything. Jon Snow may be the great Hero of this story, but he is not a leader. He will never sit on the Iron Throne -- and honestly, he doesn’t want to. He didn’t even want to be Lord Commander. It's OK, Jon. Not everyone can be a natural leader like Lady Lyanna Mormont.

  5. Will Bran’s mark break through the magic barrier at The Wall?

    This seems pretty obvious, right? There’s no other way for the White Walkers to break through the Wall and march into Westeros. And that's definitely going to happen in the finale. When the Children of the Forest helped Bran the Builder construct the Wall thousands of years ago, they placed a spell on the Wall to protect it from the wights. We already witnessed what happened when Bran woke up in the Three-Eyed Raven’s tree-cave with his freshly marked skin; the Night’s King’s mark effectively destroyed the cave’s magic barrier. However, this time around, Bran has Benjen, who should probably (maybe?) know what the Night’s King’s mark is capable of. Maybe he leads Bran to the Wall intentionally. (Maybe time is a flat circle!!)

  6. Are you shipping Daenerys and Yara yet?

    Was there anything more entertaining than Daenerys and Yara’s instant connection? They’re both headstrong women trying to dismantle patriarchal customs, and they’re both trying to outrun their fathers’ legacies. Not to mention, neither are here for men thinking they can get whatever the hell they want because of their X chromosome. Dany and Yara’s scene proved that Daenerys doesn’t need those explosive mic drop moments to be a compelling character. In fact, she’s far more interesting in these quieter interactions. The way she smirked when Yara told her about her Uncle Euron’s plan was priceless. That’s the Dany we know and love.

  7. Does this mean Daenerys is finally setting sail for Westeros?

    Oh, gods, I hope so. For the past three seasons, we’ve watched Daenerys twiddle her thumbs in Meereen, freeing slaves and settling land disputes. Enough is enough. They have their ships thanks to Yara and Theon, and now it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge. Dany made her point to the slavers. They know what the consequences will be if they disobey her again. Now, while we wait for Dany and Yara to sail the Narrow Sea, give me all of your Daenerys x Yara fan fiction.

  8. What were Rhaegal and Viserion doing in the temple while Dany was away?

    Seriously. I would have bet actual money that they flew away after Episode 2. Apparently, after Tyrion released them from their shackles, they just stayed in the crypt, like two twentysomethings who still live with mom and refuse to leave the basement. They could have easily left, and yet they didn’t. Maybe they weren't as mad at Dany as we originally thought. Teenagers are so unpredictable, you know?

  9. Was Wun Wun really the last giant?
    Despite the fact that giants are largely believed to be nothing more than fables by the Southerners, they obviously exist beyond the wall. Or, existed. From what we've gathered, Wun Wun was the last (wun) of his kind, which made his death in Sunday night's episode even more tragic. In Season 4, Mag the Mighty, the giants' king -- the last of a bloodline that dated back to long before the arrival of the First Men in Westeros -- was killed during the Battle of Castle Black. Still, I'm not convinced that Wun Wun's death marks the end of the giants. Direwolves were thought to be extinct for thousands of years before Ned, Robb, and Jon found those direwolf pups in the godswood. Life beyond the wall is largely a mystery; who even knows what's lurking out there. Thank you for your service, Wun-Wun. Here's hoping you didn't get shot with a million arrows in vain.