Nick Jonas/Instagram

Vote For Your Favorite Nick Jonas And Camila Cabello Ship Name

The Internet can't decide

Nick Jonas and Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello aren't dating, but that minor fact doesn't stop fans from shipping them. The problem is, all good ships need a name, and the internet can't decide on one.

The shipping continued in the comments of Jonas's latest Instagram post, a throwback photo of him and Camila looking rather cozy.

If you read the comments, "Camik" and "Camren" seem to be the fan-favorites so far, though I have zero clue how their names combine to form "Camren." Fandoms work in mysterious ways, I guess.

So let's settle this debate once and for all. Vote now for your favorite ship name in our poll. I'm partial to Jello and Nilla -- not to be confused with Nilla Wafers -- because NOM.