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Kim Kardashian Is — Gasp — Naked On Her First GQ Cover

She's back, baby

Somehow, up until this very moment, Kim Kardashian has never covered GQ. Yeah, I don't know either. Well, now that she's landed the cover, she's making sure we remember it by not wearing much clothing or makeup.

Kim covers the mag in a very "OMG, I am totally naked and someone just walked in on me so I'm going to grab the first thing I see to cover myself" pose and, duh, she nailed it. She's a pro, that Kim Kardashian.

The cover and the rest of the images were shot by photographers Mert Alan and Marcus Piggott, who you might recall recently shot Kim's bare butt for a #secretproject. Is this the secret project? Seems likely, right? GQ shared some photos from the shoot, but there are no cups of coffee dangerously close to her butt, so we'll see. That coffee cup is the only clue we have.

The interview isn't out yet, but promises to reveal deets about Kanye, why she's a Hillary supporter, and more, so you know it's gonna be good. Until it drops in full, bide your time by going behind the scenes of her shoot. Blowing a dandelion has never looked so sexy.