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Don't Worry, Justin Bieber’s Beautiful Face Is Intact After A Fistfight

He had a close call in Cleveland

Who knows what Justin Bieber was fighting about last night? What’s important is that his face made it out without a scratch.

As captured in a video published by TMZ, the “Sorry” singer got into a physical altercation with a noticeably bigger dude outside his hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday night (June 8). It was quite a scuffle, but thankfully the moneymaker survived in mint condition.

Justin Bieber / Instagram

Bieber posted two selfies to prove that he was totally bruise-free after the incident. The first one, captioned “Not a scratch on this pretty boy,” got deleted about an hour after posting (oops). But the second, still up, shows that his perfect facial structure is totally unharmed. Phew.

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