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Rihanna Channeled Her Inner Cinderella While Remaining In Jeans

Off-duty Cinderella chic

Rihanna is on break from her Anti world tour, which means she's using the time to dress in her own collections, celebrate the arrival of warm weather, and, in some cases, channel her inner Disney princess.

On Wednesday, Rihanna celebrated the second birthday of her niece — Majesty, for those more familiar — at Disney World, dressed like the most casual Cinderella you've ever seen.

She embraced Cinderella's light blue color scheme, though opted for jeans and a dress with bows in the front rather than, y'know, a full gown. Though Cinderella's black choker is very trendy right now, Rih opted for a diamond one instead.

Later, she put on silver Minnie Mouse ears but let Majesty keep her tiara, even though it would've completed her look.

This isn't the first time Rihanna has dressed up for Majesty's birthday — last year she went full "Naughty Pebbles" Flintstone, bone in hair and all.