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Selena Gomez And Chris Rock's Shade History Goes Back Further Than You Think

We 'discovered' proof of their 'rivalry' dating back to 2010

Chris Rock is definitely no stranger to throwing shade and speaking his mind — his 2016 Oscars monologue proved that — but his recent slam of Selena Gomez is stirring the pot on Twitter.

On Tuesday (June 7), Rock basically joked Gomez was the poor man's Beyoncé, and Selenators had a hard time keeping their hands opinions to themselves after seeing their kween dissed in such a way.

Of course, this tweet is a tad confusing, since Rock and Gomez definitely hung out at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in 2010. But was their heart-to-heart on the red carpet actually filled with hidden passive-aggressive shade? We "unearthed" the transcript of the, uh, "conversation" — here's what it "said."

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    Gomez: OMG, hi!

    Rock: Hey, what's up? You look great. That outfit is so you, such a representation of who you are, and not someone else.

    Gomez: Aww, thanks! Yeah, I hate it when artists try to copy other artists's looks, ya know?

    Rock: Uh huh, totally.

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    Gomez: Are these your kids?

    Rock: Yep, Lola and Zahra.

    Gomez: Hi, guys! You're so cute!

    Rock: My girls run the world.

    Gomez: That sounds like lyrics to a song.

    Rock: Well, they will be, thanks to Beyoncé.

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    Gomez: Come on, guys. Give me a hug!

    Rock: They love you and Beyoncé because you're both so unique, so different, worlds apart. Like, light-years apart. One is definitely not like the other.

    Gomez: That's so sweet! Yeah, we're just two musicians doin' our own thing.

    Rock: Mhmm. [Winks.]

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    Gomez: I'm obsessed with Beyoncé's voice. She's one in a million.

    Rock: Yeah, and everyone knows it. She's iconic.

    Gomez: Totally.

    Rock: Original.

    Gomez: You betcha.

    Rock: And flawless.

    Gomez: She's who I want to be!

    Rock: You don't say. [Turns to his daughters] All right, girls. Who wants some lemonade?