The 'Game Of Crones' Podcast: Charles Manson Makes A 12-Minute Cameo

Also on this episode: Arya's annoying stabbing, Sansa's makeup, and the raw sexual vibes of Ian McShane's corpse

This week on "Game of Crones," Crystal Bell, Rachel Handler, and Teo Bugbee talk about what the actual fuck was going on in last night's episode. Who were those Charles Manson devotees? Why are they all dead? Why was the Hound chopping so much wood? Why was Sansa's makeup so on point? Did the writers make Yara gay out of literally nowhere? We're also discussing Jon Snow's continuously fresh man bun, the raw sexual vibes of Ian McShane's corpse, and why Arya's stabbing was extremely annoying. (Also: If you've got your own Crones-esque commentary or questions for any of the Crones, shoot us an email at No dick pics, please!)

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