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Watch Taylor Swift Crash A Fan’s Wedding With A Performance Of ‘Blank Space'

Best third wheel ever

What’s the best possible wedding gift you can get a Taylor Swift fan? Probably a surprise performance from the singer herself.

Swift showed up to a fan’s wedding on Friday (June 4) after being personally invited by the groom’s sister. Ali Singer had reached out to the star about her mother’s death back in April; she then asked Swift if she could do her a favor by performing at her brother Max’s wedding. Max has been a fan of the artist for years, and even danced with his mom to “Blank Space” in the hospital before she passed.

Max Singer married Kenya Smith in Brant Beach, New Jersey, and Swift was there to perform an acoustic rendition of her hit “Blank Space” on piano. She also posed for selfies with the happy couple — and painted them a handmade wedding card.

“Third wheel,” Swift joked in a caption on Instagram. But hey, if anyone can be a welcome third wheel, it’s probably Taylor.