Gareth Cattermole/Getty

Watch Adele Freak Out Onstage When She Realizes A Fan Is An Old Friend

🎶 It’s a small world after all 🎶

When Adele invited two young girls — including Daisy Danvers, 10, nicknamed Daiz — onstage at her latest tour stop in Amsterdam, she found out exactly how small this wild and crazy world is. Turns out this wasn't their first introduction. Adele actually met Daiz years ago when *she* was young.

“Oh my god, no way. I knew you when you were a baby!” the surprised singer announces to the audience in the video below. “You were like two weeks old when I first met you!”

Daiz is the daughter of Adele’s cellist, Rosie Danvers. Tommy, her husband and fellow musician, shared this priceless photo of Adele with the girls.

This is one happy coincidence young Daiz won’t forget.