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9 Emojis We Want To See In Justin Bieber’s New App


Justin Bieber has recently given off the vibe that he wants to go away for a bit. Right now, he’s not into taking pics with fans or meeting them before his concerts; he wants to get out and enjoy nature more; and he’s expressed his disdain for the music industry’s inner workings.

But the pop star doesn’t want to disappear completely -- in fact, he apparently wants to be at your fingertips at all times. On Wednesday, Bieber hinted that he may be the latest celeb to hop on the emoji app trend, joining Kim Kardashian, Future, Fetty Wap, and more A-list stars.

He teased the apparent upcoming release of his app on Instagram, posting a cartoon version of himself with his immediately recognizable sleeve of tattoos. In the pic, he’s holding up a sign that reads “no photos,” which alludes to his recently instated no-photo policy with fans.

JB simply captioned the post, “Friday @appstore,” leaving us clueless about any further details. But in case this is a full-fledged venture into emoji domination, we’ve come up with a few Biebmojis/Jusmojis we hope to see from him:

  1. His bare butt.

    He’s had absolutely no problem flaunting it before.

  2. An ATV.

    For when you want to show off your ~adventurous~ side.

  3. A pair of Calvin Klein underwear.

    Gotta get that #brand shoutout.

  4. A squirrel.

    To remind you to enjoy the simple things in life.

  5. His dreads.

    Oh, how we miss them.

  6. An emoji version of Selena Gomez.

    Look, it’s pretty much inevitable at this point, right?

  7. An expensive vintage band tee, preferably with holes in it and preferably for a band that no one would ever expect you to wear.

    For punk rock shock value.

  8. An emoji version of his coloring book masterpieces.

    He’s an artist, and he’s damn proud of it.

  9. And a cross.

    To represent his #purpose.

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