Watch Kristian Nairn From Game Of Thrones Literally Hold The Door

Hodor's actor fulfills his destiny

Hodor isn't done holding doors just yet. Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn, who played the fan-favorite character, is still keeping doors wide open for friends and fans.

YouTuber Turps, who runs the gaming website Yogscast, got the Hodor experience after an early screening of Warcraft, the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. Turps was rushing to the elevator and asked those ahead of him to please "Hold the door, guys!"

Guess who "guys" was? Yep, it was Nairn.

As hilarious as this video is, it was likely staged, since Nairn is a longtime friend of the Yogscast network. Back in 2011, he spoke on their podcast about acting in a new HBO series. Little did he know how monumental that show would become.

Fans are even repaying the "hold the door" favor to Nairn. After selling the actor a TV, Imgur user graham9 shared the following photo. Pics or didn't happen, right?!

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