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9 Innocent Game Of Thrones Characters Who Are Too Precious For This World

They better watch their back

Game of Thrones has no more qualms about killing a sweet, innocent character than a hardened, evil one. If that wasn't apparent before, it was definitely clear after Sunday's episode, in which we said goodbye to the beloved Hodor (Kristian Nairn). It was, arguably, the most devastating death on the series thus far.

Hodor's death was heartbreaking because he was so child-like; far too good for the cruel Game of Thrones world. Here are some other pure and good characters we'd be devastated to lose.

  1. Sam Tarly

    Sweet Sam, the guy who stood by Jon Snow and protected Gilly when no one else would. Even when things go to hell (which is, like, all the time) he still manages to smile.

  2. Gilly

    This poor girl was born into a truly horrible family; one that allowed a father to rape his daughters and then murder infant sons. She finally seems to be happy — well, as happy as one can be in Westeros — which is probably why things are going to go south soon.

  3. Baby Sam

    Please, please, please keep this baby away from Ramsey. And dogs.

  4. Rickon Stark

    The youngest Stark, a.k.a. the one who still doesn't have a strong storyline, is now in the hands of Ramsey. He's never done anything wrong (because he hardly gets any screen time), but the longer he remains Ramsey's captive, the higher probability he'll meet a gruesome end.

  5. Grey Worm

    A member of the Unsullied, Grey Worm had a horrific life until Daenerys freed him from his bonds. Since then, he's dutifully stood by Khaleesi's side and remained honorable. Plus, his relationship with Missandei adds joyful moments to an otherwise dark show.

  6. Missandei

    Also loyal to Daenerys, Missandei acts as interpreter and person to lean on for the Khaleesi. Despite all the horrific acts happening around her, she is still a wholesomely good person.

  7. Meera Reed
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    Meera is one of those people who gets stuck with ends up having to take care of everyone else. She did it with her brother Jojen first, and now she's doing it with Bran. With Hodor's untimely demise, Meera is Bran's only hope for survival.

  8. King Tommen
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    Stepping in after his brother Joffrey was murdered, Tommen is a breath of fresh air for the realm. He's sweet, kind, and generally doesn't like violence. Even when he's mad as hell, he still doesn't have people maimed and killed whenever he pleases. Unfortunately, his end could be near.

  9. Podrick Payne

    Brienne's righthand man is the sheer embodiment of a glass half full. Plus, he's unbelievably adorkable, humble, and loyal to a fault. Every time Brienne tries crushing his spirit, he continues to respect her and help with whatever she needs.

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