Shawn Mendes Debuts A New Video Teaser That’s ‘Better’ Than You Could’ve Imagined

This was definitely worth the wait

Shawn Mendes has been dropping hints about new music for what seems like eons, but now we finally know when we’ll hear the fruits of his labor. And because he’s one hell of a stand-up dude, the 17-year-old even threw in a video teaser for fans who *just literally cannot* stand the wait (a.k.a., all of his fans).

During a commercial break on Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards, the 17-year-old premiered a video teaser with for a new song, apparently titled “Better.” It opens with simple guitar strumming before Shawn’s voice slowly pleads, “I won’t lie to you/ I know he’s just not right for you.” The rest of the song is presumably Shawn trying to convince you how much “better” he is than your good-for-nothing current BF, which, let’s be real, he probably is.

The song (and hopefully the video as well) will debut on June 3. Until then, check out Shawn’s acoustic performance of “Stitches” from last night’s BBMAs below.

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