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Please Listen To These Classic Songs That Have Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Them

A playlist of completely normal songs

Do not adjust your speakers. There is nothing wrong with the recordings you are about to hear.

YouTube user Pluffnub has spent the last month uploading popular songs in their completely original format. None of these songs have been tampered with in any way, and they all sound exactly the way you remember them.

There is nothing wrong with this stream of Katy Perry’s “Firework,” for example.

And here is the entirely original version of the ‘80s pop classic “Take On Me” by A-ha.

This is how "Bohemian Rhapsody” has always sounded. Why are you rubbing your head like that?

Alice in Chains’s “Man in the Box” still sounds great two decades later. Long live grunge.

Here’s “Take On Me” again. What’s wrong?

Remember that time everyone linked to that one Rick Astley song as a prank?

Here’s that Kiss song that they used in Moulin Rouge!

Where are you going?