Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Have We Really Seen The Last Of Drake’s Beard?


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to mourn the loss of a beard so pure and pretty; one that snuggled our precious Aubrey Drake Graham’s jawline while he sorted through all his complicated feelings. For reasons that eclipse our understanding, Drizzy’s face went from burly lumberjack to baby-soft in the early hours of Friday, May 13. In a mysteriously now-deleted Instagram post, the razor-happy 6 God shared a black-and-white selfie of his clean-shaven face, which, yes, is still attractive, but just not the same. Nothing is the same, you could say.

As expected, this ill-advised makeover has dealt quite the blow. The “grown and sexy” Drake we’ve come to love -- the one who, last summer, grew out his beard and started getting all beefy on us -- has now reverted into Jimmy Brooks. And fans don’t like the View.

Thankfully, it appears the resurrection of Bearded Drake is imminent. Ever the tease, Drake wrote in his selfie’s caption, “Beard making an epic comeback in 2 weeks ... only for you @nbcsnl.” Why he needed to shave in order to host Saturday Night Live this weekend is honestly beyond us (is Lorne Michaels really that powerful?), but at least we know the beard will be back. Just hold on, it’s coming home.

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