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There Might Be A Lot Of Drake Spanking On SNL This Weekend

If Leslie Jones gets her way

If Drake's Saturday Night Live hosting history is any indication, this weekend's show will offer some Emmy-worthy performances. And if Leslie Jones' desires in the episode's promos become reality, Drake will be getting spanked. Often.

Aubrey sat with the SNL cast member for a little warm up for Saturday night's show, and the thread that ran throughout their outdoor hang was that Leslie is really trying to spank Drake. There was also an inkling of a faux-Drake song about spanking, and if you recall "Side Pieces" and "Honorable Mention" from his gig hosting the ESPY Awards with the fondness that I do, then you're also hoping this becomes a full song.

I'll tune in Saturday night (or, realistically, catch up on Sunday) to find out.

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