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Perrie Edwards Nails Every High Note While Covering Beyoncé


Before Beyoncé gave us “Sorry,” “Singles Ladies,” or any of the other 239 tell-off anthems she’s released in the past decade, there was “Listen.” The 2007 single, recorded for the movie Dreamgirls, finds Bey demanding her moment in the sun while flexing the hell out of her pipes. It’s a big song, and not everyone can tackle it with the same fervor that Beyoncé can. But Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards gave it a shot, and rest assured, she CRUSHED it.

The 22-year-old posted a video on Twitter of her belting the ballad, writing, “When you lose yourself in the music. Love a cheeky sing song to myself, LOL.” Perrie keeps things refreshingly simple for her cover -- it looks like it was shot on an iPhone, and she’s casually dressed down in jeans and furry slippers. At one point, a cat saunters past her, obviously unaware that it’s witnessing a moment of musical magic. But Perrie just keeps on singing, delivering a faithful cover that Beyoncé herself would be proud of.