'Skillset,' Episode 2: J.K. Simmons on Poker; Elvis's Best Friend On, Well, Elvis

Welcome back to 'Skillset,' an MTV podcast about the experts who make your favorite movies

Oh, hi! Welcome to Episode 2 of "Skillset," the podcast where every guest is an expert — and where every week, they teach us a new way to look at the movies. On this week's show, Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons lays down his cards about his obsession with poker and how Hollywood always screws up the hero's winning hand. World's most badass mom Jane Marie puts the new comedy Mother's Day in timeout. Plus, in honor of Elvis & Nixon, Elvis's best friend Jerry Schilling tells us what really went down when The King met President Nixon — and why Michael Shannon's strange-looking, strange-talking performance might actually be Hollywood's most accurate Elvis impersonation.

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