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Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 Track List Is Here -- And So Are Some Intimate Studio Pics

Less than a month to go, Harmonizers!

With the release of their sophomore album now less than a month away, Fifth Harmony are building buzz by unveiling the full track list for 7/27.

On Thursday, the group slowly started sharing the track list on Instagram, telling fans, “We want to show you what 7/27 is made of.” Throughout the day, they’re posting intimate, behind-the-scenes pics from the recording studio, with each one captioned by a song title. Take a look at the list below, which we’ll update throughout the day.

  1. “That’s My Girl”
  2. Work From Home” feat. Ty Dolla $ign
  3. The Life
  4. “Write On Me”

    This post includes a note from Camila about what the song means to her: “‘Write on Me’ is lyrically my favorite song on the album. To me the song is an extended metaphor where you're asking somebody to ‘write’ on you, envelop you with their words, make their mark on you like you're a blank canvas.”

  5. “I Lied”
  6. "All In My Head (Flex)" ft. Fetty Wap

    "You can never have enough REGGAE in your life!" Dinah captioned this pic. "The vibe and rhythm to this I feel represents me best as a South Pacific Islander!! The overall Melody is so memorable you'll find yourself singing it everywhere you go, ESPECIALLY with Fetty Wap's ridiculously, amazing catchy tunes! Lyrically it's FUN & FLIRTY, so don't take it serious because remember it's all in your head! wink wink."

  7. "Squeeze"
  8. "Gonna Get Better"

    "When I first heard ‘Gonna Get Better’, there was this insane magical connection," Ally Brooke wrote about this track. "I thought it was beautiful. I did not write it, but it felt like I did. I was going through something that day, and this song perfectly fit my emotion. So, I went to the booth, laid down these words from my heart and sang from my soul."

  9. "Scared Of Happy"
  10. "Not That Kinda Girl" ft. Missy Elliott
  11. "Dope" (deluxe edition track)

    "I resonate with 'Dope' on such personal level," Normani wrote about this bonus track. "Lyrically and melodically it creates an imagery of this girl being super passionate about someone but lacks the confidence to tell them. I have definitely been in the position where I feel extremely fascinated with someone but I'm absolutely loss for words when in person with them."

  12. "No Way" (deluxe edition track)

    Lauren revealed in the caption that this song was actually recorded for their first album, Reflection. She says she "connected so intensely" with the lyrics. "I just love the way the song takes you on an emotional journey and how you feel the pain of these people's indecision to love or let go. I love the vulnerability and the reality of the situation."

Here's the entire track list:

7/27 arrives on May 20.