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Birdman's 'Respeck' Rant Gets The Beautiful A Capella Remix It Deserves

The Hamiltones put some respeck on it

The minute it aired, Birdman's rant last week on Power 105.1 became a cultural phenomenon. The memes flew in immediately. NBA announcer Mark Jackson invoked it over the weekend, saying, "When you say Warriors, put some respeck on their name!" Now, we've got the next logical step: You can sing along to it.

Before we get there, the quick backstory: When Birdman stopped by "The Breakfast Club" last week, his interview lasted two minutes, and was less an interview than the Cash Money CEO barking at the show's hosts to "put some respeck on [his] name."

The Hamiltones, Anthony Hamilton's backup singers, did just that, taking Birdman's tirade word-for-word and turning it into an a capella jam. Gotta respeck this.