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Zayn's Face Swap With His Own Merch Is A Lot To Take In

Face Zwap*

When it comes to face swapping, celebrities have proven time and time again that they're just better at it than the rest of us. The latest to remind us of our shortcomings? Zayn.

This morning, Zayn shared a very artful photo of his face swapped with a tiny version of his face on some merch. At first I thought it was a pop art—inspired Snapchat filter I didn't know about — quelle horreur!!! — but then, thanks to the "merch faceswap" caption, I saw the error in my ways.

Why, exactly, Zayn has merch to face swap with considering he hasn't announced a tour yet isn't entirely clear, but it seems likely that a tour is on the horizon. When the shirts are released we should all face swap with them. It won't look as good, but it's only right.