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Rihanna Thinks Jennifer Lopez Can Wear These Boots Better Than She Can

Because she's 'the baddest'

When Rihanna dropped her collaboration with Manolo Blahnik, it became pretty obvious pretty quickly that there are very few people in this world who could pull her designs off — I mean, there's a pair of waist-high denim boots.

Somehow, Rihanna has discovered the one other person who can not only get away with 'em, but wear them better than she can — Jennifer Lopez, duh.

Yes, Rihanna sent JLo a pair of the denim boots, but more importantly, she addressed Jennifer as "the baddest." Can you imagine? I feel cooler just from looking at this card.

So, uh, when do you think we can expect to see JLo in these? Do you think Rihanna will chase her down the street, as promised? I eagerly await those photos.