Life In The Real World Made These People Bitter Rivals

Cory and Ashley went from hooking up to an all-out 'ex-plosion' -- and now 'Challenge: Rivals III'

"People stop being polite" when they enter the Real World -- and two Rivals III teams know a thing or two about the aforementioned phrase when it comes to their relationships on the iconic long-running series. It's a "true story," after all.

For Johnny and Jess, their Portland adventure did not create an everlasting bond -- in fact, it was the complete and total opposite. She was hurt by his constant name-calling, while he didn't like her close affiliation to their other roommate Nia.

"Nia's really the root of all evil, and she was just a mastermind of controlling Jess," the Free Agents runner-up declares in the introduction video above, while his Challenge partner stands by his side in disbelief. Ahhh, never forget Hurricane Nia...

Meanwhile, Cory and Ashley may have hit it off night one in the Ex-Plosion residence, but their connection crumbled shortly afterward and the Battle of the Bloodlines second-place finisher was ultimately responsible for giving her the heave-ho.

"I basically kicked Ashley out of the house," Cory reveals in the clip above, adding that he wasn't the only one responsible for the decision (yeah, but still).

Can these former housemates co-exist under the Challenge roof? Watch all of the videos to get a better taste of what lies ahead for these real folks — and be sure to catch the premiere of The Challenge: Rivals III on Wednesday, May 4 at 10/9c!