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Pink Is Rocking A Super Goth Crown Of Thorns In This ‘Fire’ Teaser

Someone's been watching old Madonna videos

Pink has a new song coming out for the forthcoming Disney film Alice Through the Looking Glass, and she’s just shared a pic of herself from inside Wonderland.

A new Instagram photo shows the singer snarling under a black crown of thorns while rocking some seriously goth duds. A black-and-white checkered landscape stretches out behind her, and ominous clouds roll overhead.

The still is probably a good indication of what Pink’s video for her single “Just Like Fire” will look like. We couldn’t help but notice an uncanny similarity to Madonna’s video for “Frozen,” where the Queen of Pop wears a similarly spooky gown underneath a similarly spooky sky. Madonna’s even decked out in a spiny black necklace in the 1998 clip.

But hey, it wouldn’t be the first time Madonna inspired a younger pop singer.

Alice Through the Looking Glass arrives in theaters on May 27, but you’ll get to hear Pink’s “Just Like Fire” on April 15.