From Beyond The Grave: Catfish Just Cracked A Supernatural Case

But do you believe Courtney was legit?

Tonight's Catfish basically made believers out of all of us.

In what was a first in the history of the show, Nev and Max had their hands full — not with a couple of Internet-crossed lovers, as per the norm — but with a woman named Courtney who claimed to be communicating with a deceased parental figure named Frankie.

When 18-year-old Kayla contacted the Catfish team about Courtney, the gal who was supposedly getting chatty with Kayla's later father, the super sleuths couldn't resist. Max even said, "I've never been more hooked on a story in the history of the show." Courtney was long-distance, had a curious past and was brimming with pure shade and excuses when it came to meeting Kayla in person to discuss her father — the perfect recipe for your typical Catfish.

The story took another unique turn when this fact came to light: Kayla's dad Frankie had a mental breakdown in prison and hanged himself while serving a sentence for brutally stabbing his ex-girlfriend (Kayla's mom) back in 1999. So it's only natural that the Kentucky-based Kayla would be longing for any form of contact with her mom or dad, even if it's from a self-proclaimed medium in Jupiter, FL. While Frankie's crime was all over the news and any ol' Joe or Jane could get the grim details, Courtney was strangely familiar with Frankie's likes, dislikes and interests — little tidbits that weren't tied to the crime...or Google's search engine.

Nevertheless, everyone, especially Kayla's Aunt Shannon, was pretty skeptical about the validity of Courtney's claims -- so the foursome hopped the nearest flight to Florida to meet Courtney face to face.

The verdict? Courtney not only promised a bit of peace of mind and closure for Kayla, but she knew some pretty unbelievable facts from Frankie's past — a bizarre relationship with his foster mom, childhood abuse, details about his girlfriend's side job, etc.

The confrontation left Kayla and her family stunned, yet eerily comforted. In the end, everyone believed that Courtney was being truthful, but what do you think? Simmer on those theories, and catch Catfish every Wednesday at 10/9c!