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7 Bags I Want Kendall And Kylie To Rip Off For Their New Collection

Don't get sued though!

Somehow, the Kendall + Kylie brand has not expanded into the world of handbags until, like, just now. According to WWD, a new collection of 18 bags will be available at "major luxury retailers" like Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue this fall.

"Bags are definitely a must-have accessory; they can take your outfit to a whole new level," said Kendall. "Our handbag collection is super modern and pairs really well with pieces from our ready-to-wear and shoe collection for fall."

Since they've yet to release any prototypes or photos of the bags, I have some suggestions based on Kendall and Kylie's own favorite designer bags. Enjoy, but try not to copy them exactly so you don't get sued. Thanks!

  1. Givenchy Lucrezia Duffel

    Unlike Kylie, Kendall is kween of the everyday bag, rocking this Givenchy on the daily. Share the wealth, boo.

  2. Hermès Birkin

    On Kylie's site, she suggested this reversible blue tote as an affordable alternative to her $21,000 Birkin. It was a cute idea, but no.

  3. Vintage Louis Vuitton Tote

    Kylie's talked about her vintage Louis (formerly belonging to mom Kris Jenner) on multiple occasions. Seems like a good source of inspiration, no?

  4. Fendi Bag Bug

    The wide-eyed, furry bags are distinctively Fendi, but I wouldn't mind seeing a K+K spinoff.

  5. Givenchy Micro Nightingale Shoulder Bag

    Another one of Kendall's go-to bags is the goat-hair covered Micro Nightingale. I would also like this to be one of my regularly used bags, thanks so much.

  6. Saint Laurent Nano Sac De Jour

    The significantly-cheaper-but-still-inordinately-expensive version of the Birkin. I suggest creating a new version of the Sac De Jour that is basically no different, except it's not Saint Laurent, and it's roughly $50.

  7. Balenciaga Mini City Bag

    I've wanted one of these for a while now, but I'm not quite ready to dig myself into a $1,300 hole of debt. Kendall and Kylie, help a girl out.