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16 Times Halsey Was The Role Model You Needed On Twitter

She's back after deactivating her account -- and here's why that's a good thing

On Friday morning, Halsey returned to Twitter a week after deactivating her account. The Badlands singer — who’s performing at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 10 — told MTV News on Thursday that quitting was a “calm decision” spurred by the sometimes “toxic” nature of social media.

She had promised her return to the Twittersphere was imminent, and fans were thrilled to see her back online. Because besides using Twitter as an “incredibly instrumental part in cementing a very intimate relationship with my fanbase,” as Halsey told us, she’s also used it time and time again to motivate others to be better.

Here’s proof that Halsey’s a role model you need to be following:

  1. When she motivated with the posi vibes
  2. When she embraced her international fans in the cutest way
  3. When she schooled someone on the problematic term "girl crush"
  4. When she reminded you it's OK to like more than one genre of music
  5. When she admitted that she's not always perfect and happy 100% of the time (something everyone can relate to)
  6. When she bravely opened up about living with Endometriosis
  7. When she got real about embracing her natural hair
  8. When she reminded everyone that hating on pop music and boy bands isn't cool
  9. When she shared a heartfelt International Women's Day message
  10. When she encouraged fans to be sensitive to others' pronouns
  11. And when she opened up to her mistake after possibly missing a pronoun herself
  12. When she sent well wishes to a fan whose sister was having surgery
  13. When she reminded you that art makes people feel different ways
  14. When she talked about the importance of not erasing race
  15. When she reminded you about the dangers of body-shaming
  16. When she reminded you to stay optimistic

Watch Halsey perform at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 10 at 8/7c.

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