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One Girl's Mission To Find Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Cod Cooler

The Rock has to eat every 2-3 hours.... so where does he keep his food at the MTV Movie Awards?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson eats seven times a day. SEVEN. In total, he consumes 10 pounds of food every day to maintain his godly physique. His 5,000-calorie daily diet includes roughly 2.3 pounds of cod (that's 839.5 pounds of cod per year), eggs, steak, chicken, vegetables, and potatoes (sweet and Yukon Gold) -- all foods rich in protein because those muscles need protein.

The man basically eats every two to three hours. What happens if the Baywatch star skips a meal? Does he get hangry? Will his body instantly start to wilt if he misses his 4 p.m. feeding? And how does co-hosting a show like the MTV Movie Awards affect DJ's diet? This is why meal prep is crucial. The Rock's a busy dude. Aside from being a general boss and having roughly 300 shows/movies in development and splitting this year's hosting duties with Kevin Hart, he's a DAD. (No, like, a literal dad.) He needs sustenance. Enter "The Cod Cooler," or the place where Johnson assumably keeps the goods.

So where, oh where, is this elusive cooler? I've never seen it. In fact, I've scrolled through all 1,868 photos on his Instagram and have seen nary a cooler. So here I am on the Warner Bros. backlot prepping for the MTV Movie Awards, a woman on a mission. A mission to find The Rock's cooler and see that pre-portioned meal -- "8 oz cod, 12 oz sweet potato, and 1 cup veggies" -- with my own eyes. Is it just part of Johnson's mythos? Or does it really, truly exist? I am a journalist, damnit. I will get to the bottom of this.


11:43 a.m. PT: Call it a hunch, but around 11:30 a.m. I got this strange feeling that I needed to leave the comforts of my stuffy production trailer and set off on a journey. A journey to find The Rock. When I do find him, he looks exactly like what you'd think The Rock would look like. He's wearing an Under Armour muscle tee, sweats, and has a towel casually draped around his neck. (So on-brand!) I check Insta; he just came from the gym. Or, "blessed the iron," as DJ would say. Given the time, I figure he just ate Meal #3 -- 8 oz chicken, 2 cups white rice, and 1 cup veggies.

Anyway, he walks into the greenroom. I do not see his cooler. I linger there for a full 45 seconds, passing Kevin Hart on my way out.

2:22 p.m. PT: I start my search for the cooler. (Did you think I was going to follow him earlier? Because I know my boundaries... and I figure DJ needed time to settle in.) In an effort to be as thorough as humanly possible, I inspect every cooler I come across.

No cooler left behind.

2:23 p.m. PT: The first cooler I find is pretty basic. Too small to be Property of Dwayne Johnson, too sad to have anything in it other than water.

MTV News/Crystal Bell

2:24 p.m. PT: The next is slightly longer, and therefore, more enticing. For a second a think maybe, just maybe, I found something worthwhile, but when I open it, I face the grim realization of my own mortality. What kind of monster puts paper plates and Altoids in a cooler?

MTV News/Crystal Bell

2:27 p.m. PT: Then, I come across this cooler full of tea. On one hand, I am sad. I didn't find The Rock's cooler. On the other hand, however, I really love Lipton ice tea. This is an excellent discovery.

MTV News/Crystal Bell

2:28 p.m. PT: Oh, more water? Great. I thought California had some kind of drought? What if we all stop buying bottled water and instead fill our empty reservoirs with Aquafina? Just a thought. (I am officially delirious.)

MTV News/Crystal Bell

2:33 p.m. PT: OK. I'm starting to get angry. It's not that I don't appreciate a nice cold water -- I do! -- but I begin to think of all of the things I'd rather find in a cooler. Ice cream! Yogurt! CHEESE. Oh god. Where is the cheese? I work for MTV. Where the fuck is the Babybel? The Organic Valley string cheese? Can we not break into that Shannara bank and hook a girl up with some Laughing Cow?

MTV News/Crystal Bell

2:37 p.m. PT: Now I'm onto something here. Thirty minutes post-workout The Rock consumes 32 oz of Gatorade. (That's a fact.) And what's inside this cooler? A whole lotta Gatorade. Did I just open DJ's Gatorade cooler? Does he prefer Tangerine, Citrus Cooler, and Fruit Punch? If so, same. I've never felt closer to DJ than I do in this moment.

MTV News/Crystal Bell

2:41 p.m. PT: Ugh. More water. Pass.

MTV News/Crystal Bell

3:47 p.m. PT: I stumble upon (big) Johnson and (little) Hart's rehearsal. It's raining. It's also kind of cold. But my heart is so warm and fuzzy. I look for the cooler. I don't see anything. However, I do see DJ's UA x Project Rock Regiment Backpack. I wonder how many pounds of cod can fit in one of those things. More than 2.3, probably.

The search continues.


4:27 a.m. PT: The Rock confirms my fears: the cod cooler is not on the premises. It's currently ~ chilling ~ on the Tybee Island set of Baywatch. Johnson instead substitutes cod with plenty of chicken and avocado, sans cooler, because he's so LA. How do I know the intimate details of The Rock's daily diet? Through Twitter, duh.

Yes, it's disappointing that I'll never bear witness to The Rock's personal cod cooler, but at least my efforts did not go unnoticed by the big man himself. In fact, I've proven that the cod cooler does in fact exist. It's no longer just a myth powerlifters tell each other to make them feel closer to DJ.

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