Prince Williams/Getty Images

This Security Guard Was The Real MVP After Travis Scott Fell Off The Stage

Bet you never thought you'd see Trav rap 'Antidote' while cradled in another man's arms

As Travis Scott once wisely said, “Anything can happen at the night show” -- including face-planting off a stage mid-performance.

La Flame learned that the hard way on Sunday night while opening for Rihanna’s ANTI Tour in Philadelphia. During his final song (and perhaps his most notable banger yet), “Antidote,” Trav took an unfortunate misstep and slipped off the stage.

The spill didn’t look great, and he even grabbed his head at one point, but a security guard rushed to Travis’ side and scooped him up in his arms.

To his credit, Travis finished up the song while the guard continued to hoist him up.

“Philly, I fucking love you,” Travis said after finishing the song, while still cradled in the security guard’s arms. “I probably lost my legs. I don’t give a fuck. Let’s get it.”

Check out the video below to see the whole incident unfold, beginning at the 4:04 mark.

Luckily, Travis appears to have recovered enough for his performance at the University of Rhode Island tonight. Let’s hope he watches his step this time around (or, at the very least, let’s hope that same security guard’s there to save the day again).