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Lil Wayne Is Getting Ready To Revive One Of His Classic Mixtape Series

Weezy and DJ Drama talk new music

Lil Wayne has dropped a ton of mixtapes during his prolific career, and one of the best-known and most-celebrated series is his Dedication set, with each hosted by DJ Drama. The inaugural tape in the series, The Dedication, dropped in 2005, and the latest, Dedication 5, arrived in 2013. Dram hinted at a possible sixth installment last year, and now it sounds like a sure thing.

"We got another one coming," Drama said recently on Shade45, where Tunechi and 2 Chainz joined him on his radio show to promote their recent ColleGrove album. He also gave his personal ranking of the series, with Dedication 2 (widely seen as one of Wayne's two or three best mixtapes) at the top, followed by The Dedication, Dedication 3, Dedication 5 and, finally, Dedication 4.

Though Wayne didn't say much about Dedication 6, he did speak, abtractly, earlier in the interview, about his approach to mixtapes.

"If I'm gonna put out a mixtape, I want it to be classic," he said. "I want it to be something you can listen to ten years from now, just like when I walk in, I meet people, and they be like, 'Damn, Dedication 3, I still listen to that every day.' When I see players and they be like, 'Man, I had to listen to that No Ceilings just to get right for this Super Bowl game.'"

Wayne also confirmed that a Dedication isn't all he's got in the works: "I also been working on some crazy shit for [another] mixtape, we just didn't have a good name for it yet."