This Is Going To Be A Challenge: Here's The Very First Look At Rivals III

The long-running series returns May 4.

As they say, keep your friends close but your enemies closer -- and this will be the reality for the latest batch of Challenge contestants.

In the first look at Rivals III -- which will premiere on May 4 -- Real World and Are You the One? alums will be forced to work with their opposite-sex enemy (guy/girl teams, unlike the previous two installments!) in order to walk away with all of the glory. And as the trailer below shows, these fragile relationships will be put to the test...and then some.

From Rivals champ Johnny Bananas grinning widely as his partner/foe Sarah falls during a mission to Battle of the Exes winner Camila expressing her disbelief that she's stuck with a "douchebag," the tension is certainly palpable for these vets during the Mexico-based competition.

Game play aside, there's screaming (Simone screeching "You will die in this house!" deserves a mention), kissing (we spy a shower hookup) and a tough message from TJ Lavin about getting one's belongings (?!). Oh, and there's also a man on fire. Ay yai yai, indeed.

Catch the entire clip, share your favorite moment from the action-packed montage in the comments and be sure to watch the premiere of Rivals III on Wednesday, May 4 at 10/9c!