Iggy Azalea Breaks, Like, A Thousand Laws In The ‘Team’ Video

At the least secure airport on earth

Iggy Azalea has followed up her dance and lyric video for “Team” with the track's official video, which finds her breaking a whole lot of laws at an airport.

After narrowly escaping a horde of what looks like tennis-playing zombies, Iggy drives to the airport with a suitcase full of spray paint. Somehow, she makes it through security (even though she’s got a ton of pressurized aerosol cans in her carry-on), and then meets up with her team to vandalize an aircraft with the name of her forthcoming album, Digital Distortion.

Along the way, various people’s faces glitch out creepily, and by the end, even Iggy can’t escape the glitch zombies. There are also some super illegal dance sequences on the runway, because Iggy and her team live ~dangerously~.

Watch “Team” below.