Coconut Head's Old Myspace Pic Is Peak Coconut Head-Ness

The Ned's Declassified star's selfie is beyond perfect

If you were to humanize Myspace in today's Internet age, its personality would best be described as that of Coconut Head (Rob Pinkston) from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. In Myspace's heyday, it'd probably be seen as either Suzie Crabgrass (Christian Serratos) or Seth Powers (Alex Black), because it was where all the popular kids flocked and was the place to be.

But looking at Myspace in 2016 elicits a completely different response. Now, it's more like Myspace is the quirky, out-of-touch person who you're always asking, "WYD?" So basically, it's Coconut Head.

Which works perfectly, since Pinkston shared an old Myspace pic on Instagram March 28 that couldn't be more perfect if he tried.

"Tfw you rediscover your old myspace account," the former Nickelodeon star captioned. πŸ˜‚

OK, let's break this down for a sec.

1. The wacky hair

2. The Death Cab for Cutie shirt

3. The face Coconut Head makes on the show

While Pinkston's old hair in this pic isn't a bowl cut (although it used to be) I bet with a flat iron you could turn it into one. So, think of this as the pre-Coconut Head.

Moreover, Death Cab for Cutie and Myspace go hand in hand. They were the perfect band to have songs playing on your profile page, and their sometimes emo lyrics made the best photo caption on that selfie that just wasn't quite right.

And I think the face comparison speaks for itself.