'Tarzan' Trailer: Video Game in the Jungle?

The first teaser trailer for Constantine Films' 3D motion capture version of "Tarzan" was released just over a year ago, and while it was still a little rough around the edges, so to speak, it presented some morsel of promise for the animation end of this thing.

This new full-length trailer for the pic, however, kind of looks like something a kid might have just thrown together in his basement. Oof.

"Tarzan," which stars "Twilight" star Kellan Lutz as the titular chest-beater in both voice and body movements, finds the jungle boy and his best gal Jane (Spencer Locke) duking it out with some hired guns sent by the meanies who took over his parents' company after they died in a plane crash (yes, the same one that left him to the apes).

Naturally, Tarzan's got the upper hand on helicopters and machine guns and such 'cause he, um, can swing vine-to-vine really fast? Hey, we didn't come up with it.

The LOLiest moment of all — and let's face it, there are a good number of them in this vid — comes near the end there when our big, burly hero boy starts to roar or whatever you might call that noise. Oh, Tarzan. How the mighty has indeed fallen.

The film is currently being screened in some international territories but has yet to receive a domestic release date. Meanwhile, that other "Tarzan" pic, which was set to be directed by "Harry Potter" vet David Yates and star Alexander Skarsgard, is still sadly dead in the undrinkable river water.

Tarzan Poster