Julian Assange is Basically Trolling Benedict Cumberbatch Through WikiLeaks

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The saga of Julian Assange and his team at WikiLeaks versus "The Fifth Estate," a movie depicting (at least some version of) their story continues to get thicker and ickier.

In short, Assange believes the film is made of pure freakin' evil and that Dreamworks has some huge secret agenda meant to portray him in a terrible light before the movie-going public.

Even so, Assange apparently kinda likes Benedict Cumberbatch — the dude who got uberfrosted to portray him on-screen. Just not enough to have had a little sit-down with him before the cameras started rolling.

WikiLeaks, which previously posted the script for the pic so as to rip it a new one by way of a self-fact-checking memo, has now revealed a letter Julian Assange wrote to Cumberboy back in January in response to his invitation for a meet-and-greet.

While Assange credited B.C. with being "a decent person, who would not naturally wish to harm people in dire situations," he also warned the actor that by appearing in the film he would "be used, as a hired gun, to assume the appearance of the truth in order to assassinate it." That's right, Assange takes this stuff seriously. And he even advised Cumberbatch to drop the project in consideration of "the consequences to people who may fall into harm because of this film."

He then went on to deny the bro-date request (he's no Matt Damon, apparently), sincere as it may have been, because he didn't want any appearance of him legitimizing the movie because burrrrrrrrrrrn.

The letter was released in response to national TV airings of the trailer for "The Fifth Estate." And probably this, too ...

The Fifth Estate

Interestingly enough, the release post also adds that Benedict Cumberbatch's response to the letter indicated that he too was concerned about the content of the film and pointed to some examples of him seemingly saying so publicly ... but just this week, Cumberbumberswumbers described the movie as  a "beautiful" film which is "incredibly balanced."

Any thoughts on what WikiLeaks'll whip out next, as the film approaches its Oct. 18 release date? Or was this the big money shot meant to make us stay away from its wicked ways?