Exclusive 'The Heat' Deleted Scene Would Like You to Find the Rest of Your Shirt

"The Heat" is blazing onto DVD and Blu-ray October 15, and to celebrate, we have an exclusive deleted scene to share with you!

WARNING: The scene is near the end of the movie, so the following does contain some spoilers.

Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) comforts her hospitalized brother, Jason (Michael Rapaport) as he recovers from a coma induced by the men of drug lord Adam Larkin (Taran Killam). If you're up for crop top-related humor and Melissa McCarthy, you'll want to put your money on this one.

The scene is much quieter and low-key than the rest of the movie's incredibly fast-paced ending sequence (I mean, this comes shortly after a character is taken down via a gunshot to the balls), so it's not a stretch to guess why it didn't make the final cut. Still, McCarthy's brilliant deadpan delivery shines, making for a funny scene regardless.

"The Heat" hits shelves October 15th.